Father & Son Project - Waar is Woef

April 10, 2015
I have the great pleasure to share the creation of this little eBook for kids ages 2-6, with my son - Thank you Phillip.

Phillip created the concept and organised a walkthrough. He selected and approved the artwork.

I am so proud.   Click the images below to buy on Amazon    



Jotform is by far the best

October 27, 2014
Jotform is by far the most effective and simplest to use.

The features have allowed me to build and install forms on sites that looks and performs in a way that is professional.
JotForm is free, easy to use!
I highly recommend Jotform to friends and and clients and to anyone else who is developing their sites.

See more at 

Thank you for a fantastic app!

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Sub Survival

August 26, 2014
Survive the treacherous caves, battle robo-sharks with freaking lasers and defeat the bosses. Sub Survival is easy to play hard to master and impossibly addictive, so go on and dive in!


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Tom & Lotte's World - Website

October 18, 2013
Another great reflow-able website for a great product.
Visit Tom & Lotte's World for more.

Phase 1: completed
  1. Web page built to newest standards. (best viewed in modern browsers like: Chrome, Firefox and Safari)
  2. Images and text included from supplied content.
  3. reflow-able to different screen/devise sizes.
  4. Contact form included and tested.
  5. direct mail button added and tested
  6. button to facebook page, added and tested.
  7. Basic Meta tags done
Phase 2 coming soon.

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wordpress responsive design

August 27, 2013
Check out feet4homeretail.co.za - site built and managed by me.

I used the responsive theme on Wordpress, including a directory plugin.

Go to the 
Business Directory to list your business

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Html mailers from your artwork

August 6, 2013
I can convert your design (PDF, PSD (Photoshop) or high res Jpeg) into html e-mailer / newsletter files.

Send me your final design and receive the needed html and image files for you to send via your favorite newsletter / mailer system.

Contact me for a free quote
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e-Book conversion

August 6, 2013

Do you want to sell your book on Kindle via Amazon.

I can convert your InDesign files, Word doc's or PDF to ePub and Kindle files.

Creating e-books:

  • ePub2 (reflow-able ebook in .ePub and .Mobi format)
  • Fixed-Layout ePub (for iPad) from your InDesign open files.
  • ePDF (including links and preset bookmarking)
  • comic books / graphic novels into Kindle (KF8) format for the Kindle Fire and  Kindle Paperwhite.

Contact me for a free quote.

All files validated as ePub-check 3 compliant.

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Building kaleidoknits.co.za

February 19, 2013
I am currently busy designing and creating the site kaleidoknits.co.za
The site will work on smartphones, iPad and other devices with different screen sizes.

Kaleido is a great local business:

All garments 100% cotton, grown in Swaziland and spun and dyed in South Africa.
All garments made in South Africa
Wooden or mother of pearl buttons
The garments are hand finished.
All garments are made to order

They can be contacted via the site(under construction)

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September 21, 2012
bringing back the old pen and pad method to concept stages

It’s a digital sketchbook that allows you to solidify your design ideas and export them into the graphics program of your choice e.g. Photoshop or GIMP.

The program is very easy to learn. Though it might be a little off-​​putting to first-​​time users, Alchemy doesn’t offer you the ability to undo any mistakes, you can’t select anything, and you can’t edit. This is a true concept creation program that has one of the most...

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website and corporate ID design

October 16, 2010
Just added this page, listed here are some of the web and corporate ID designs I have done and manage. 

See the page HERE.

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