I am a Digital designer from Cape Town, South Africa. I work at New Holland Publishing. I have created a site (still in development) that will become my detailed portfolio and contact point. I am training myself in web design and I'm researching digital / electronic publishing on various levels.

Self promotion seems to be a big part of most designers lives and time, and it looks like I have been too busy working and not promoting and building my online profile. 

Thus here we are: http://martin-endemann.com (this site is hosted by Yola)
I have also created a wix site to show some of my work. These are great if you really need to spend your time working, (quick, easy and free). This will help you in building your online presence.
Gives you time to work on your 'actual' site, building it from scratch.

News on my and other sites will follow soon.

Martin Endemann