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Father & Son Project - Waar is Woef

Posted by Martin Endemann on Friday, April 10, 2015, In : e-books 
I have the great pleasure to share the creation of this little eBook for kids ages 2-6, with my son - Thank you Phillip.

Phillip created the concept and organised a walkthrough. He selected and approved the artwork.

I am so proud.   Click the images below to buy on Amazon    


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e-Book conversion

Posted by Martin Endemann on Tuesday, August 6, 2013, In : e-books 

Do you want to sell your book on Kindle via Amazon.

I can convert your InDesign files, Word doc's or PDF to ePub and Kindle files.

Creating e-books:

  • ePub2 (reflow-able ebook in .ePub and .Mobi format)
  • Fixed-Layout ePub (for iPad) from your InDesign open files.
  • ePDF (including links and preset bookmarking)
  • comic books / graphic novels into Kindle (KF8) format for the Kindle Fire and  Kindle Paperwhite.

Contact me for a free quote.

All files validated as ePub-check 3 compliant.

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