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Tom & Lotte's World - Website

Posted by Martin Endemann on Friday, October 18, 2013, In : Web design 
Another great reflow-able website for a great product.
Visit Tom & Lotte's World for more.

Phase 1: completed
  1. Web page built to newest standards. (best viewed in modern browsers like: Chrome, Firefox and Safari)
  2. Images and text included from supplied content.
  3. reflow-able to different screen/devise sizes.
  4. Contact form included and tested.
  5. direct mail button added and tested
  6. button to facebook page, added and tested.
  7. Basic Meta tags done
Phase 2 coming soon.

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Posted by Martin Endemann on Tuesday, February 19, 2013, In : Web design 
I am currently busy designing and creating the site
The site will work on smartphones, iPad and other devices with different screen sizes.

Kaleido is a great local business:

All garments 100% cotton, grown in Swaziland and spun and dyed in South Africa.
All garments made in South Africa
Wooden or mother of pearl buttons
The garments are hand finished.
All garments are made to order

They can be contacted via the site(under construction)

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Online profiles and self promotion

Posted by Martin Endemann on Saturday, October 16, 2010, In : Self Promotion 

I am a Digital designer from Cape Town, South Africa. I work at New Holland Publishing. I have created a site (still in development) that will become my detailed portfolio and contact point. I am training myself in web design and I'm researching digital / electronic publishing on various levels.

Self promotion seems to be a big part of most designers lives and time, and it looks like I have been too busy working and not promoting and building my online profile. 

Thus here we are: http://marti...

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